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Eye Doctors and Eye Health


The ophthalmologist and the optometrist have one thing in common, and that is they are all eye doctors. So many people are left asking whom to consult when the need of an eye doctor arises. Therefore, I will outline the functions of each of them.


The one who is licensed to perform an eye examination, give medication and perform eye surgery and procedures is the one referred to as an ophthalmologist. This is the kind of doctor who has done his pre-medical studies, has gone for internships and has done thorough training and medical services for a couple of years. Where else, on the other hand, a doctor who has not attend a medical school but has graduated a four-year optometry course is referred to as an optometrist. This sort of doctor is not allowed to perform eye surgeries, but he can conduct an examination of the eye, prescribe contact lenses and reading glasses to patients.


However, the two doctors should never be mistaken for an optician. An optician serves as an assistant to the doctor. It is only under the doctor's supervision that he can carry out some eye assessments or examination. The optician majorly deals with the patients such as helping them with their prescribed eyeglasses and contact lenses, dealing and ordering their past records and other paper work.


So, if you have an eye problem and you think of visiting an eye clinic, you must be certain of whom you are going to see, that is, whether an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. You must know exactly what your problem is and whom to go to for such a condition. Once you have pinpointed your problem, it would be easy to now consult with a Colorado eye doctor. Once you have established your eye condition, you can now go ahead and reach out to an eye doctor as you are now aware of the things to anticipate. To learn more about eye care, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/eye-care.


In the modern day that we are living in right now, doctors use the high-tech eye surgery procedures and equipment unlike before where they would perform standard exams. These high technology procedures include the eye laser surgery, Lasik treatments, and synthetic tears.


Basically, nowadays choosing Ovvo eye doctor for particular conditions have become so easy and simple.One, the internet serves as a good platform to get the best eye doctors there can be.Two, you can learn from friends who would refer you to the doctors and from classified adverts as well. That way you can now be able t correct your eye problem.